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It’s too early to tell what Van Noy’s market will be, and for the Giants specifically, that will be the big question. Kyler Fackrell is a free agent and Lorenzo Carter is coming off an Achilles injury, so edge rusher should be an area of emphasis to fill. Only at the right price, like last offseason, should the Giants make a move there.

Hit by a litany of injuries, the San Francisco 49ers fell from a Super Bowl appearance in 2019 to 6-10 last season. Better fortune on that front will almost be automatic next season, but a tough NFC West will be a challenge.

Perhaps the Dolphins feel between the 2020 and 2021 NFL Drafts, the heavy lifting on breaking the trend is already done. Or perhaps they will indeed show restraint with their offseason plan. But whatever direction they choose to take will become apparent to everyone in the next few weeks — as the Dolphins and the rest of the league will open free agency in the middle of March.Miami Dolphins Face masks
Nfl Face Masks For Sale

"And then he's very good in the pass game. Not just with his catching, I think what's overshadowed by his success with the catches and the runs is his blocking."

The other tempting alternative would be to sell the No. 4 overall pick off to a team more desperate to land a signal-caller. That would allow the Falcons to build a war chest of draft picks to help them rebuild the rest of their ravaged roster. That might not be the splashy move fans in Atlanta covet, but it would be prudent roster reconstruction.Dallas Cowboys Face masks


If the Falcons want Zach Wilson, they’ll have to hope he falls to them at No. 4 overall. In all honesty, if he’s there, they should look more into trading down with a team that does want him. Despite the hype, Wilson is a huge gamble for Atlanta in the top five. And for every Josh Allen, there are 10 Christian Ponders, 10 Josh Rosens and 10 Blaine Gabberts.Denver Broncos Face masks

The negative cap ramifications would likely make the Seahawks less inclined to do this type of restructure again with Wilson, especially under the circumstances. Pushing more cap charges onto future years would make it more difficult to tag or extend him, since negotiations of that size are typically based off the tag. And it would add to the already-whopping amount of dead money the Seahawks would have to eat if they traded Wilson.San Francisco 49ers Face masks